Slice ‘N Dice

It’s no secret that I’m crafty. Or is it?

It’s not a habit that I got to indulge at school very often. In fact, the only occasion I can think of was when I took a Victorian Novel class with the fabulous Susan Jaret McKinstry. The class focused on the book as an object, and most of the novels we read were illustrated editions. There were also several assignments that went beyond the usual paper-writing. My favorite was creating a serial edition of a chapter (or shorter excerpt) from one of the novels we studied. I gleefully bought paper at The Sketchy Artist, took photos around campus, and assembled collage-style illustrations for my edition of Jane Eyre. In fact, if you Google me, one of the only results that actually refers to me is a photo of my edition from the Gould Library website.

So when I looked forward longingly to the post-graduation era, one of my fantasies was having time for crafty projects. Fortunately for me, at home I have my mom as Craftiness Enabler. It will be a sad day when I can’t share her paper stash and tools anymore. At least there’s one tool that I won’t have to live without, and that’s the Slice. What is the Slice, you ask? The Slice is quite simply the best paper-crafting tool ever. It’s a little machine that cuts out letters and many other shapes, which is great for poor crafters like me. Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive if you only buy paper. Granted, the Slice itself doesn’t come cheap, but my mom lucked into a sweet deal around Christmas time.

Yesterday I finally freed my Slice from its box and made my first scrapbook page of the summer. Oh, it was sweet. I know that my free time will shrink considerably when I start job training in August, so I plan to take full advantage of the next few weeks. There are envelopes full of photos and adorable shapes waiting to be cut.

Wow, I managed to be a nerdy English major and a nerdy scrapbooker in one post. Do I win some kind of prize? Preferably one printed in an adorable font on tastefully patterned paper?


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  1. Mom

    This is my favorite post written so far! You’re surprised I’m sure. It would definitely be the first time I’ve been referred to as a “craft enabler” but I guess it’s true. It was fun to look at your page from the Victorian novel project again. Whose hand did you photograph, Ayse’s?

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