Kate Winslet, Have I Loved

As alluded to in a previous post, I love Kate Winslet. She’s hands-down my favorite actress and just an all-around cool chick. When I first got Netflix, I immediately added several of her movies to my queue. Now that I’m more caught up on her recent performances, I thought it would be fun to rank them. Honestly, it would be too difficult to make this list based only on her performance, so I’m using my opinions on the movies as a whole. For more information about each movie, click on the image!

7. Little Children

Being at the bottom of this list is still pretty good. Heck, Kate got an Oscar nomination for this role. (Then again, the same could be said for most of these movies.) And she wears a killer red bathing suit. That being said, I had trouble developing sympathy for the main characters.

6. Revolutionary Road

I just watched this last night, so I’m still decided how I feel about it. Kate’s performance is the definition of haunting, particularly in her final scene. I just felt like she has played similar characters in more interesting movies. It was also kind of weird to see her and Leonardo DiCaprio constantly yelling at each other. I miss Jack and Rose! Don’t get me wrong though — the 1950s fashion is to die for.

5. The Holiday

This is a total guilty pleasure movie, and the fact that I’m ranking it above two movies with Oscar nominations is perhaps absurd. Yes, the Cameron Diaz/Jude Law half of the movie is at times difficult to tolerate, mainly because of Cameron Diaz’s character being high-strung in the least endearing way. Just ignore them and watch Kate and Jack Black, who are delightful! Even if you don’t like Jack Black’s comedy, I think he’s charming in this role.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Since I’ve already reviewed this movie, I won’t go into much detail. I love the concept and the cast. I love seeing Kate acting like a kooky American.

3. Titanic

I recently caught part of this on TV, and — wow. Do you guys remember how great this movie is?! When she breaks his handcuffs with the axe? When she spits in the rich guy’s face? So great! Plus Kate excels at being snobby in the first act. It may have tainted Revolutionary Road for me, but it’s so worth it.

2. The Reader

Entertainment Weekly claimed that Kate should have won an Oscar for Titanic instead of The Reader. And to them I say, dream on! I love this book, and the movie absolutely does it justice. I’m pretty sure my heart actually ached while I was watching it. Kate’s role is a challenging one, and she plays it with the perfect mix of hardness and humanity.

1. Sense and Sensibility

Okay, my English major is showing again. We love our Jane Austen, and this is easily my favorite film adaptation of her novels. Granted, Kate’s character is not always likeable, but she really embodies the spirit of Marianne Dashwood. Add to that the genius of Emma Thompson, and you can’t lose. Yes, they wear silly bonnets, but I don’t care! It’s hilarious, touching, and beautifully shot by Ang Lee. For the win.


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