Scenes from Forever 21

When Fargo got a Forever 21 last year, it was kind of a big deal. I must admit, I was among the excited. After years of avoiding endless teeny-bopper chain stores at the mall, I finally had a clothing store option with a little personality.

I’m not a very good shopper as a general rule. It takes a lot of patience to find things that I like, so I have to be in the right mood. After finishing phase one of my filing job yesterday, I was feeling up enough to wade through racks of trendy, cheap clothes. So to Forever 21 I went.

Even though I would never wear 90% of the clothes, I enjoy shopping there. For one thing, I don’t feel too old or too young to be in the store. Their name might suggest that I’m already over the hill, but I think I still qualify as their target demography. And okay, you have to dodge the occasional 12-year-old fashionista. What business do they have looking so stylish? I looked like crap when I was 12. (My mom will disapprove of that comment, but I maintain its accuracy. Everyone looks awkward in middle school, or at least they should!) Still, the store is large enough to have variety without being totally overwhelming.

Of course, a trip to Forever 21 would not be complete with some laughs. The store seems to have two genres of clothing going on right now, which are about-to-go-boating and grandma-chic. I can get behind primary colors and floral prints, so neither of these is a problem per se. It’s just funny to look at a section of the store and see a cacophony of kitchen-wallpaper-esque fabric.

After narrowly avoiding some rompers, I made my way to the dressing room. There I tried on a dress that amounted to putting a sheath of spandex over my body. Appropriate if I was impersonating a Jersey Shore cast member perhaps, but not so much for a family wedding. Another dress turned out to be entirely see-through in its upper portion. I can’t say if that was intentional or not. Sadly I left the store empty-handed, but not without a few nuggets from my fellow shoppers.

A father and daughter exiting the store with their purchases. Father says, “Don’t tell your mother about this.”

A little boy’s voice from across the store whines, “I’m not having fun.” Hey kid, when that happens to me, I start mentally composing a blog post.

You can't fool me, romper! You're not a dress at all!



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8 responses to “Scenes from Forever 21

  1. Mom

    Really liked your post Courtney. Seeing the store was kind of fun too since I’ve never set foot in it. Although if they have grandma-esque style stuff maybe I should check it out.

  2. I should specify, that is not a picture of Fargo’s Forever 21. You can get a general idea of what the stores are like though.

  3. LJS

    I have only ventured into this store once, and I have to admit that it was very intimidating. It was around Christmas and I left with the feeling that I can never pull off most of what was offered there. Some of it was actually really nice and I have to admit that it was fun going through the tacky fuzzy boots and see-through sweaters (yes, in December). Just not my thing. In case, I loved this post!

    • LJS

      P.S.- Rompers, in addition to the trend of wearing leggings as pants, needs to die. Seriously ladies, some self respect!

      • I tend to agree with you on rompers. (Obviously I consider them worthy of ridicule.) I have one friend who has just the right figure and personality to pull them off, but for most people…not a good look.

  4. Katie!

    Rompers = root of all evil?
    Seriously, rompers are meant for toddlers. And possibly the people in the Sound of Music (the do romp quite a bit). But not grown women. Ick.

  5. Oh, the blight of the romper. It’s so persistent at Forever 21.

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