Nobody Knows Me Like Netflix

It always amuses me to browse through the DVDs that Netflix recommends to me. Its suggestions are divided into categories, which basically represent the different types of movies and TV shows that it thinks sum up my taste. The category names are ridiculous at times, but I can’t deny their accuracy. For example:

Dark Romantic Movies based on a book (such as Never Let Me Go or Revolutionary Road)

Critically-acclaimed Magical Animation (such as Coraline or Howl’s Moving Castle)

TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead (such as Veronica Mars or My So-Called Life)

Heartfelt British Independent Movies (such as Once)

Netflix, get out of my head! And yes, I like to personify this nameless, faceless subscription service. Perhaps this stems from when I first got Netflix and told everyone that it was my new boyfriend. True enough, since we spent almost every night together. And if I imagine Netflix as a person trying to figure me out, I must seem a little all over the place. Most of my queue consists of dramas and animation. Adulthood and regression all in one place, or so it would seem. Then again, that sounds about right.

Come to think of it, today is approximately the six-month anniversary of when I signed up for Netflix. I believe what I said at the time was “Where have you been all my life?” Oh, how well we’ve come to know each other. Even after six months, it’s quite thrilling to think of a movie I want to see and watch it zoom to the top of my queue. Not that any men should feel threatened. Obviously they have a lot to offer that Netflix doesn’t. Just, you know, not delivering glorious red envelopes filled with entertainment goodness right to my door. (Except for How Do You Know. That was neither glorious nor entertaining.)



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  1. Melinda

    So, so true.

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