Free Never Looked So Good

Over winter break of senior year, I had to replace my digital camera. It was a bittersweet moment because this camera was my first step into the digital realm. Still, the little Nikon left me no choice by literally ceasing to function. Since I lacked the funding for a digital SLR, which is my ultimate camera goal, I found a more sophisticated point-and-shoot to use in the interim. The camera itself has been a satisfactory upgrade, and it came with a bonus offer.

When I bought the camera, I also got an offer for a free 8×8 photo book from Shutterfly. If you don’t know Shutterfly, it’s a very user-friendly photo-processing website. I’ve ordered prints from them a few times and been happy with the results. (And as my mom would tell you, I can be quite picky about photo quality.) However, I wanted to save the free photo book for an event that was worthy of such fancy documentation. My friend Amy suggested our college graduation, and that seemed like the perfect plan.

After spending several post-graduation hours selecting background colors and page layouts, I placed the order for my first photo book. The finished product arrived less than a week later. Shutterfly orders arrive in orange packaging that causes mailbox excitement similar to red Netflix envelopes. But this was more important than regular old prints.

Hello, my pretty.

I decided to use a Senior Week photo for the cover. It would have been difficult to choose between the numerous cap-and-gown pictures, but mostly I just thought this one was way cooler than anything else.

Added bonus of posting these pictures:  you get a nice, long look at our living room carpet (and also my thumb if you’re into that).

There was space for a photo on the back cover, so I decided to get extra cutesy.

Overall I love how the book turned out. The only changes I would make come from my own inexperience in putting it together, not an issue on Shutterfly’s end. I can even see ordering another book in the future. Of course, I’ll have to pay for more than the shipping and handling next time.



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2 responses to “Free Never Looked So Good

  1. Amy

    Excellent cover photo choice!

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