The Great Apartment Hunt

So great that it took me two days to recover!

Okay, that might not be entirely accurate. When my mom and I told the last apartment manager that we were only looking at three places that day, he looked at us rather incredulously. Still, three was plenty for a day that included driving to Minneapolis and back. Since my future roommates weren’t there, it was really just a scouting mission.

With the help of my stepdad’s trusty navigational system, we set out with our cookies and Red Vines to explore unfamiliar turf. Our first stop was the school where I’ll be working. We walked all the way around the building and peaked in some windows. Luckily it was a Saturday, so no one was there to be creeped out by us. My mom was approving, and I was reminded of why I loved the vibe there.

The navigation system lead us to our three appointments without incident. I’m always a little skeptical of nav because I think being able to navigate on your own is valuable. Still, for a day like this, it was a lifesaver. I was expecting there to be at less one jerk in the trio of apartment managers, but Minnesota Nice won out. Leave it to me to want to rent an apartment from someone because they’re a “nice guy.” I mean, they would be easier to work with, right? I like nice people, okay!

Our showings included two good (and very similar) options and one dud. All three were messy because the current tenants were in the process of moving out. One manager was particularly bothered by this, which was pretty cute. My mom and I were amused to see a hookah in one of the living rooms. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Fargo anymore. But I don’t think we were over the rainbow either.

No final decision yet, but I hope to have the housing issue resolved by the end of the week. That should lower the stress factor considerably.



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2 responses to “The Great Apartment Hunt

  1. LJS

    I’m glad to hear things are going well with the hunt. I know what a relief it was to get my place… a sort of comfort knowing that you have a place to go.

  2. Mom

    Pretty clever Courtney! I really like the photos too, they make it. Mom

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