Back in Blueberry Scones

Fear not, Gentle Readers. I’m back! At a coffee shop eating an absurdly large blueberry scone as an excuse to use their wireless, but back none the less.

This was the week of the big move. My reaction progressed something like this.

Monday:  Packing, buying a Corelle dinnerware set, still feeling a bit removed from the whole thing.

Tuesday:  Realizing that change is imminent, feeling rather sad, the spartan state of my bedroom not helping matters.

Wednesday:  Miraculously excited on the drive down, a brief intermission during the stress of actually moving furniture, excitement rekindled by seeing my adorable new room.

So yes, the move went as well as can be expected. I should mention that I hate moving. Dealing with change has never been my specialty, and packing up comes with so many decisions, small and large. Do I really need all these books? (Answer:  yes.) You would think that four years of moving in and out of dorms would make this easier. It does, I suppose, in the sense that I’ve acquired some packing skillz. The problem is that I’m also profoundly tired of it.

Of course, now that I’m in the apartment, it was worth it. The only wrinkle is that we’re having trouble getting our internet set up. It’s a boring story that involves irresponsible former tenants and terrible customer service. Suffice to say, I’ve been a little lost without it. I don’t realize how often I use the internet during little snippets of downtime until I don’t have it anymore. The upside is that without the internet or cable, I find myself doing a lot more reading. I’ve read two-thirds of an Elizabeth Berg book in the last 24 hours.

Hopefully we get the internet issue worked out soon. Until then, my posts will be a little sporadic. But I’m here and I’m happy. My first Netflix DVD arrived at the new apartment today, which never hurts either.


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