Hipsters Through the Lens

When I was searching for an image to use in my last post, I stumbled upon something cool. It’s a photography project called Minneapolis Affair, which consists of photos of real people encountered on the streets of Minneapolis. There are also some photos taken in other cities, but documenting Minneapolis is the main goal of the project. Each entry includes the person’s name and the street on which they were photographed. Since a lot of the photos are in my new neighborhood, I find it rather fascinating.

If you peruse the photos, you may notice that their subjects tend to be of the hipster persuasion. Minneapolis is known to be a hipster-friendly city, and my area is particularly rife with them. Having spent the last four years at a liberal arts college, this doesn’t feel particularly out of the ordinary. Perhaps more men in tight Bermuda shorts than usual, but nothing to be alarmed about. There’s a vintage clothing store a few blocks from my apartment. I have a hankering to stop in there one of these days.

The next time you see me, I may be wearing retro glasses and elaborately patterned tights. Okay, probably not. But I admire their moxie, not to mention the stellar photography by Wynona and Reed Grey.



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3 responses to “Hipsters Through the Lens

  1. Love that second image, just beautiful đŸ™‚

  2. Mom

    I’m imagining Grandma Sharon’s reaction to this post and photos. Tee hee. Love, Mom

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