Gettin’ Romantic with Matt Damon

Here I am, back at my neighborhood coffee shop. It’s very pleasant being here in the evening. There are fewer people than on Friday afternoon, so I feel a stronger bond with the other girl on her laptop, the girl sitting outside stealing wi-fi for her phone, even the seemingly surly worker who was surprisingly kind to a chatty older woman. And I can feel this warm and fuzzy about going to a coffee shop for internet because our apartment will have wireless installed on Saturday. Still a few days away, but a foreseeable ending makes a big difference in my outlook.

Thankfully I haven’t been completely without entertainment in the apartment. Besides reading one book and starting another, I’ve had some quality time with my DVD collection. On Friday night I even had the pleasure of a new movie, courtesy of the fine folks at Netflix. It was The Adjustment Bureau, starring the ever-hunky Matt Damon.

As of yet on this blog, I haven’t really gushed about a celebrity crush. Well, that is about to change, because I love love love Matt Damon. It all started in high school when I discovered that I enjoyed the Bourne movies. My mom has long accused me of only liking them for the sake of Matt, but that is absolutely not true. I think they’re about as intelligent as action movies get. And sure, in a film with minimal dialogue, a little eye candy never hurt anyone. Have you ever thought about what those scripts must look like?

Jason Bourne walks down a gritty European street. Frenetic techno music plays. He looks over his shoulder, then darts down the nearest subway entrance. Wide shot of the crowd, a sea of black and gray, with a quick zoom to Bourne. Looking over his shoulder again, he steps onto the nearest train. And repeat. (I say this will all my love.)

After True Grit just a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of another Matt Damon performance in The Adjustment Bureau. This film was written and directed by the writer of The Bourne Ultimatum (George Nolfi, apparently), and it shows. Imagine a style similar to the Bourne movies with a more central love story and a more affable hero for Damon to play. Perhaps not his most challenging role to date, but he embodied an impulsive politician with ease. The buzz that I read about this movie related mostly to the chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. The linked article points out that Damon has never done a romantic comedy, but the sexy flirtations between he and Blunt suggest that he might be good at it.

I’ve never been one to turn up my nose at a romantic comedy, provided I find the actors or the premise interesting enough, but here I must cry foul. Matt Damon doesn’t need a quippy script and hot-starlet-of-the-moment costar to be sexy. Just watch the way his Good Will Hunting performance oscillates between broody and sweet with a killer smile. To me that’s more romantic than anything I’ve seen in a rom-com.

I mean, girls love broody guys, right? As long as they’re secret geniuses?



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6 responses to “Gettin’ Romantic with Matt Damon

  1. Mom

    I loved your description of the Bourne script. It seems like the next scene would have to have gunshots though. Still need to look up this Emily Blunt person. Keep writing dear! Mom

  2. Ken Carpenter

    Courtney I’m glad you are back to posting. I was actually 3 behind and enjoyed them all. Believe it or not, Grandma is a M.D. fan also. I really loved the post with the funky clothes – I think you could pull it off.

  3. Katie

    I agree with all things matt damon in this post, and I’m really sad we never had our bourne marathon this year — it would have been so great. and it sounds like the adjustment bureau is also pretty great, so I definitely need to check that out soon!

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