New Apartment Firsts

Being in charge of all my own meals is definitely a first. Since I lived in the dorms all four years of college, it was nothing but the dining hall for me. The food wasn’t great, but it saved me a lot of time in the planning meals, shopping, and cooking department. To my surprise, I’ve been finding it fun to be in total control of my food. My biggest discovery so far has been the omelet. Last Friday night was another milestone when I made my first two-pot meal:  spaghetti and tomato sauce. (The sauce was from a can. Who do you think I am — Martha Stewart?)

Sadly Joel McHale doesn't hang out in my kitchen.

Getting to know my neighborhood has been enjoyable. Last week I got to the point where I could drive to my apartment without having to think much about directions. I’ve even started venturing out for walks when I have a free afternoon. I think the best way to learn an area is to just go somewhere, either by car or on foot, and then find your way back. I’m slowly learning the order of the named streets and the locations of certain landmarks.

The previous tenants of our apartment, on top of making our internet installation as complicated as possible, seem to have left an impenetrable layer of grime on the wood floors. As a result, we couldn’t walk around barefoot without risking dirty feet. To combat this, my roommate Lisa and I bought a Swiffer Sweeper. Having never used one before, I found it oddly satisfying.

The grime was not in the shape of cute paw prints either.

Driving north on the 35-W, there’s a point when you come over a hill and see the downtown skyline in the distance. Whenever I see it, I can’t help but think, “I live here.”



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3 responses to “New Apartment Firsts

  1. Mom

    You’re so cute! You are also one step ahead of me as I have never attempted to use the Swiffer. To me, it’s Jeff’s toy. Tee hee. Mom

  2. LJS

    I love my swiffer! Seriously I love the smell of the wet mop replacement heads. Even though I had an apartment last year I also had a limited meal plan so I am missing the convenience of the dinning center for those few meals a week I did have there. My biggst thing is that I hate washing dishes and my new apartment doesn’t have one. At least the medical school likes to givrle us free food for showing up to to stuff.

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