What Is This Thing You Call Radio?

From my first days of driving, I viewed my car as a Jukebox on Wheels. I was also very anti-radio. There was so much to avoid:  the commercial breaks and the inane DJ chatter. For some reason, I’ve never had much patience for talk radio. But really, I think the main reason was that I wanted to be in total control of my music. I was a bit of a music snob, remember?

So for the last seven years of driving, I’ve kept a rotating batch of CDs in the car with me. In high school I even supplemented my collection with rentals from the library. Once in a great while, I would get tired of whatever music was in my car and flip to the radio for a change. The switch never lasted for more than a few minutes before I would get annoyed by commercials on every station or a horrible selection of songs.

Then along came The Current. Since my college was near the Twin Cities, I heard about The Current before moving to Minneapolis. A friend described it to me as “the really hipster radio station.” When I found myself in a new city and in need of car music, I decided to give it a try. The Current has a lot going for it that the Fargo radio stations did not. First of all, it’s member-supported, which means no commercials besides the occasional sponsor shout-out. Second, it plays a mixture of new alternative rock and quirky classics that appeals to me and apparently many others as well. Lastly, when the DJs do talk, they often give a heads-up about local music events. In other words, information that is actually useful!

I hear this new song by Fleet Foxes almost every day. That may sound too reminiscent of Top 40 stations, but it’s so beautiful that I don’t mind at all. Could I take a bath in this song or something?

Driving home last night, I had a moment of excitement when The Current played this new song by Brazilian band CSS. Their music was part of my college electronica exposure, and this song is way catchy. There’s something about the image of “hits me like a rock” that makes me smile.


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