Was It All . . . Just A Dream?

I define guilty pleasure music as something that I don’t own but surreptitiously watch on YouTube. I’m not willing to commit to the song for the long haul, but it has a momentary attraction. It can be anything from trashy rap music to schmaltzy ballads. A repeat offender on my guilty pleasure rotation is Lady Antebellum. Last winter I had a brief love affair with “Need You Now“, and my latest weakness is their new-ish tune “Just A Kiss.”

Lady Antebellum is “country” music that’s generic enough to cross over to pop radio. For that reason, I first heard “Just A Kiss” on the radio while helping a teacher with back-to-school preparations. It was not love at first listen. In fact, I think I said something to the effect of “What is this Taylor Swift knockoff?” Yet somehow the song continued to haunt me. I heard it when my alarm went off in the morning and had it in my head for the rest of the day. If for no other reason than to rid myself of the earworm, I broke down and watched the music video on YouTube.

Before I go any further, you need to watch the video. There’s a plot twist (!!!) that I’m going to reveal. Unless you don’t care about spoilers for Lady Antebellum videos, in which case, read on!

Is your mind sufficiently blown? You think it’s a fairly run-of-the-mill country music video about a girl looking back on her whirlwind European love affair. Sure, Lady Antebellum woman is stalking her on the train and smiling knowingly, but that’s normal, riiiiiight? Even the conspicuous use of the latest gadgetry (iPad, anyone?) is standard issue. Then her gentleman friend reappears, they kiss, and everything’s happy. Or is it?!

Prepare for an Inception-level plot twist. Cut to the girl waking up on the train when someone sits next to her. It’s the costar of her European escapades, but why does she look so unexcited to see him? Hold the phone! “I’m sorry, have we met before?” he asks with generic music-video-handsomeness. No, says Joy (if that is her real name), they have not. But she was sleeping and she just had “this funny dream.” Joy’s new friend Brady is very understanding. Then he reaches into his bag and pulls out . . . an iPad! The same gadget that dream-Brady used to leave dream-Joy a farewell message.

Will Joy and Brady fall in love in real life? Will Joy’s freakishly detailed dreams continue to predict the future? Will they notice the trio of musicians stalking them through the train stations of Europe? Will the top keep spinning?!!!

I’m sure you’re as befuddled as I am. In the quest for answers, I can only refer you back to the video itself. I’m sure if we all watch it five more times and think really hard, everything will become clear.



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2 responses to “Was It All . . . Just A Dream?

  1. Mom

    I finally watched the video at home last night and I enjoyed the little plot twist. Brady is easy on the eyes too! Mom

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