50 Posts and Just Getting Started

It’s another milestone here at Courtney Coherent. Today marks my fiftieth blog post!

Obviously the pace of the blog has changed as I adjust to working full-time and even (gasp!) having a social life. Nevertheless, there are always new books and movies and cute little kids to talk about. I have several posts in progress, including the first of three promised book reviews.

Thanks for continuing to read and comment. I love sharing my thoughts with you! So have a virtual cupcake, on me.



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5 responses to “50 Posts and Just Getting Started

  1. Amy

    nom. yay social life!

  2. LJS

    You make a tasty virtual cupcake. Keep them coming I love reading, and am looking forward to your posts on the books you have been reading. I haven’t had much time to read for fun lately, so hearing about some will have to do for now.

  3. Mom

    Celebrating with cupcakes is a very Courtney thing to do. Keep writing daughter of mine. Mom

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