This Is What Excites Me

In the last week there have been three exciting developments in pop culture. Unlike celebrity gossip, which is momentarily interesting at best, these are things that I find genuinely worthy of excitement. Then again, I’m a huge nerd.

Exciting tidbit #1: The Hunger Games trailer!

For those not following the trends of young adult literature, The Hunger Games is a wildly popular science fiction trilogy by Suzanne Collins. You can click on the links if you want to know more about the plot. The popularity of the series has inevitably led to films, the first of which is coming out in March! Now since I’m a huge fan of the books, I would definitely recommend reading the books before seeing the movie. But I can happily say that so far the movie looks worthy of its source material.

Exciting tidbit #2: the Brave trailer!

As I geeked out about in a previous post, Brave is the first Pixar movie with a female protagonist. It’s also set in ancient Scotland and features the vocal talents of one Emma Thompson. Any new Pixar release is cause for excitement, but these ingredients seem like a recipe for awesome. The trailer itself gives me some mixed feelings. Based on the poster and other media coverage, I had expected the film to have a darker tone, but the trailer seems to contain a lot of the typical “Disney princess movie” components. Obviously I’m a fan of the Disney fairy tale films. I just had a different set of expectations for Brave. Still, trailers can be deceiving, and I can’t wait to see it this summer.

Exciting tidbit #3: release date for new Ani DiFranco album!

The album is titled Which Side Are You On? because it includes Ani’s reworking of the Pete Seeger protest anthem. When the album comes out in January, it will have been nearly four years since her last release. From a woman who put out an album a year for over a decade, that feels like an eternity. But that’s what happens when an artist has a family and is generally more content with her life, I think. Now that the album has a release date, I’m looking forward to seeing what Ani can do given more time to develop her ideas. It will be interesting to hear studio versions of songs that I already love on YouTube. And yes, there are even a couple tunes on this album that I heard her perform live back in 2009.

So there you have it: three things to look forward to in 2012. At least if you love young adult literature, Pixar animation, and the Little Folksinger.



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2 responses to “This Is What Excites Me

  1. Mom

    Hooray for numbers one and two! I do wonder how they will handle certain things in the Hunger Games movie. Who is playing Katniss again, anyone I know? Glad you had time for a post busy girl……Mom

    • Katniss is being played by Jennifer Lawrence. She was in a movie last year called Winter’s Bone that earned her an Oscar nomination. So the girl can act! Hopefully that bodes well for the Hunger Games movies.

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