End of the Year Extravaganza

Where have I been????

Well, for the last three days I’ve been sick with strep throat. Before that I was merely wrapped up in the usual holiday madness. But now I am back because the end of the year means something very special here at Courtney Coherent:  Best of 2011 Lists!

The lists will be presented over the last two weeks of the year. Right now I can promise a Top 10 for movies and music and a Top 5 for books. Other ideas might pop up as I continue working on them. An important detail to note is that these lists will not be excluded to movies, music, and books that were released in 2011. Let’s face it — I don’t have the cash to consume that much brand-spanking-new media. Rather, any item that I encountered for the first time in 2011 is eligible to be on a list.

I’m certainly having fun writing the lists, and I hope that you will have fun reading them.


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