Best of 2011: Movie Edition, Part 1

We have arrived at what I consider the main event. Why? Because thanks to Netflix, I’ve seen many movies in the past year and was able to come up with a competitive top 10. For your viewing pleasure, here are numbers 10 through 6.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — I was late to the party, but man, was I happy to get there. Kate Winslet is kooky and awesome! Jim Carrey can act! And most incredibly, I watched this movie seven years after its release, and it still felt fresh. More lengthy musings are available here.

Tangled — It’s a well-documented fact that I’m a sucker for animation in general and Disney/Pixar in particular. Hence the studio’s first appearance on the list for this surprisingly delightful movie that brought me back to my Disney-princess-loving childhood. Even my mom gives it her seal of approval. (Not to point fingers, but one of us got choked up at the end.) Once again, you can read more in this post, if you so desire.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance — I had the opportunity to watch many wonderful films when I took Intro to CAMS last winter. (And, okay, a couple really boring films too.) It was hard to pick which ones belonged on this list. It came down to a choice between two Jimmy Stewart films, and even Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t enough to beat Liberty Valance. I mean, Jimmy Stewart is awesome always and probably one of my favorite human beings to watch on-screen. I just love the physicality of his acting. The way one side of his body goes limp during the shoot-out? I can’t tell you how many people I’ve bored describing that scene. And I haven’t even mentioned John Wayne! Just go watch it, please.

The FighterOkay, it’s no secret to the girls who lived with me that I was going through a Mark Wahlberg phase last spring. Like, I thought it was really funny to watch YouTube clips of interviews from his Marky Mark days. On the list of Bostonian men who are close to my heart, he is second only to Matt Damon. But I digress! I don’t like boxing even a little bit, which is all the more reason to take me seriously when I say that I looooooove this movie. There’s a reason that it won both supporting actor and actress Oscars. This cast is phenomenal. I especially have to give credit to Amy Adams for playing against type and nailing it.

Inglourious Basterds — I’m a little embarrassed that I like this movie because it’s so violent. Then again, it got its fair share of Oscar nods, so judge me if you will. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Quentin Tarantino rewrite history. We’ve all seen World War II movies, but never like this. It’s a potent mixture of humor and violence and poignancy. Anyone who’s seen the film will remember the first scene. Christoph Waltz, as an officer responsible for locating Jews in Nazi-occupied France, is interviewing a dairy farmer concerning the whereabouts of his Jewish neighbors. The scene goes from slight discomfort to horrible realization for the viewer, and it will have you hooked for the next two hours.

Check back tomorrow for the top 5!


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