Life Without a Laptop

Just days before the start of spring break, my laptop officially died. It had been in its death throes for weeks, but would still work if I never, ever moved it. Then one evening it inexplicably powered off for what would be the last time.

My newly computer-less state presented some challenges, particularly in a week with no access to work computers. Most of my files are backed up, so there wasn’t any anxiety over losing all my photos or music. My phone allowed me to check email and Facebook with relative ease. The biggest problem was that most of my recreational activities involve the computer — especially the internet. So what did I do for five days without my laptop? Well, I used the internet on my phone more than usual, but I only find that convenient for quick visits. Mostly I have to rely on other forms of entertainment.

One of my spring break goals was to be crafty. (Another was to write at least two blog posts, but that obviously went out the window.) With the roommates off on vacation, I could take over the living/dining room with scrapbook supplies and feel no guilt. This is not to say that my roomies don’t support crafty pursuits, but I tend to get self-conscious when I’m trying to be creative. I was able to get three or four scrapbook pages done. The paper for these layouts had been purchased back in December, so I felt like I was really conquering my procrastination.

Thankfully the weather cooperated enough for me to take walks. After walking around Lake Harriet two days in a row, I began to worry that I was becoming one of those people who are addicted to exercise. Okay, in my case it would be only to a very specific kind of exercise. I’m here to tell you, there’s a big difference between a Sunday walk and a Monday walk. That is, weekends are very crowded and weekday afternoons are not. I wondered what kind of jobs people had to allow them to go walking on a Monday afternoon. By the end of day two, my feet were displeased with me.

I also finally made progress in The Help, which I started a couple of weeks earlier. Having heard the criticisms about the movie (i.e. white woman fixes racism!), I may have been reluctant to immerse myself in the book. Now that I’ve finished it, I can see why it’s popular. The characters are extremely vivid and also distinct from each other, which is important when switching narrators as it does. I tried to add the movie to my Netflix queue, but there’s currently a “very long wait.” Oh Netflix, I can’t pin you down.

So there I was, writing a blog post in a notebook while sitting at a coffee shop. It certainly beat my bedroom for people-watching, but the hand cramps were a definite drawback. I wonder what J. K. Rowling does to combat hand-crampage?



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2 responses to “Life Without a Laptop

  1. Mom

    Always love your real life posts Courtney. And of course the biggest deal about going a week with a laptop is that you lived to tell the tale. Amazing! Okay I admit it, I would miss the internet too. Mom

  2. LJS

    Having no computer access is frustrating, but it looks like you did many other creative and fun things instead. It has been a while since I’ve visited your site and I have some catching up to do!

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