3 Song Sampler: Tegan and Sara

My friend Hillary once told me that she most strongly associates me with Tegan and Sara. And to that I say, “Fair enough.” After all, I’ve been habitually listening to their music for the last six years. Every time I hear that they’re recording a new album, I think, “Already? Didn’t the last one just come out?” Then I look back, and the latest album is about two years old. What’s the reason for my confusion? I never stop listening to the latest Tegan and Sara album.

1. “Living Room”

If there’s a quintessential early Tegan and Sara song, it has to be “Living Room.” The musical style is somewhat atypical for them, but the lyrics anticipate the playfully obsessive tone that they perfect in their later records.

2. “The Con”

For the angst-ridden teen in all of us, I give you “The Con.” Imagine eighteen-year-old Courtney, homesick and overwhelmed in her first term of college. Then imagine this song as a big fat Band-Aid.

3. “Call It Off”

Yes, even Tegan and Sara have a softer side. And it comes with gorgeous harmonies and casually heartbreaking lyrics.



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3 responses to “3 Song Sampler: Tegan and Sara

  1. My favorite Tegan quote about “Call It Off”: “I wrote this song, uh, it was another middle of the night adventure, and it was about MySpace stalking. But the bigger idea of, like, reminding myself why I’m miserable all the time.”

  2. LJS

    We’ve talked about this before, you know the latest Tegan and Sara album is always on the top of my playlist! And “The Con” will always be one of my all-time favorite songs 🙂

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