3 Song Sampler: Cyndi Lauper

Back when I was a mere sophomore in high school, we had to write a research paper for English class. The topic could be anything from the decade of our birth. Being the little feminist music lover that I was, I wanted to research a female musician. Enter Cyndi Lauper. She may have played second fiddle to Madonna in the ’80s, but there’s a lot more to her than “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Here are a few of my favorites that you may not have heard.

1. “Money Changes Everything”

Forget about it! This should be the Cyndi Lauper anthem. As a teen I loved how she took a song originally written and recorded by men and gave it a female voice.

2. “All Through The Night”

“Time After Time” is beautiful. “True Colors” has its charm. But “All Through The Night” completes the trio of Cyndi Lauper balladry.

3. “Change Of Heart”

I hesitate to use a music video for Cyndi because I fear that the kooky ’80s styling will detract from the music. Still, I had to show her in all of her glory. If you want Cyndi to make you dance, this is the ticket.


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