To the Wind Turbine

I love any opportunity to visit Northfield, and yesterday just such an opportunity arose. Even while I was still in college, it was a bit strange to be there when school wasn’t in session. I still expect to see familiar faces walking down Division Street and filling tables at the Cow.

Before heading to the Junebug Music Festival at the Contented Cow, I decided to do some exploring. Passing the St. Olaf wind turbine on my way into town gave me an idea. One of my favorite memories is walking to the Carleton wind turbine with three friends during the spring of our junior year. The time had come for another look.

I had my car this time, so the second trip was considerably shorter than the first. Still, I was reminded that wind turbine always looks closer than it is. You’re traveling along a two-lane highway, and it seems to be looming just over the next hill. The illusion was much more frustrating on foot, of course.

There’s a gravel driveway that leads to the wind turbine, but it’s blocked off. I parked my car and walked the rest of the way. Nothing like bypassing a metal barrier to make you feel daring, even if there’s no real risk involved.

Walking to a wind turbine might seem like an odd activity. The truth is, they’re very impressive up close. I remember how alien it felt on my first visit. It’s intimidating to stand under those huge spinning blades. Sadly the turbines weren’t spinning this weekend, but it was worth it for the photos.

I will share more photos on Friday!



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2 responses to “To the Wind Turbine

  1. Mom

    Wow, that was a bright blue sky! Love the pics, and you of course. Mom

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