100 Posts and Counting

I can hardly believe it myself, but this is my 100th post on Courtney Coherent!

I started the blog two days after my college graduation. Last month marked the one-year anniversary, which I let pass without comment. I think the two milestones are best discussed together. (Also I forgot about the anniversary, but that’s neither here nor there.) When you do something for over a year, a hundred times, it has officially become a part of your life. I’m so grateful that this blog has become a part of mine.

To celebrate hitting double digits, I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from the past thirteen months.

There’s nothing I love more than pop culture nostalgia. In this case, boy band nostalgia:  It’s Gonna Be Me, Revisited.

Another favorite topic is young adult novels. Especially ones that let me get all English-nerdy on you:  No Fault in These Stars.

I have written many movie reviews, but I’m particularly proud of this one:  They Told Me You Had Grit.

Due to a link on Mondo’s Facebook fan page, this post has by far the most views: The Best Time I Met A Reality Show Contestant.

And here’s where it all began:  Hello World, Indeed.



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2 responses to “100 Posts and Counting

  1. Amy

    I loved my revisit to your It’s Gonna Be Me post!

  2. Mom

    Congrats dear Courtney! You’ve stuck with it and that’s pretty darn cool. Love you. Mom

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