Read More for Four

I will be the first to admit that I’m a little OCD. Certain activities bring it out, like organizing my books when I move to a new apartment. For years I kept a journal of the books that I read and wanted to read. Then a couple of years ago, I discovered Good Reads, a website that lets you keep track of exactly those things. I spent several summer nights transferring the data from my reading journal to the website. Yeah, just a tish OCD. But it was so satisfying!

The upshot is that I now have a very convenient way to track my reading habits. My favorite feature is the stats, which show you how many books you’ve read each year, among other things. The sad truth is that I have not been a very good reader this year. Despite volunteering at a library this spring, despite my mom loaning me books, despite getting a job at a freakin’ bookstore, I have not been a good reader.

That, my friends, is about to change. For the last four months of 2012, I am going to read more. In order to meet the number of books I read last year, I need to read eight books in the next four months. It’s a moderate goal, averaging one book every two weeks.

I think that the key to jump starting my reading is to find books that I’m excited to read. It sounds fairly obvious, but it requires some effort from me. Gone Girl got me off to a good start. To meet my goal, I will take advantage of the hardcover book borrowing program offered by my place of work. Also, I will suck up my company loyalty and use some of those Amazon gift cards to buy paperback books that have caught my eye.

To keep you informed about my mission, Gentle Reader, I will write book reviews or perhaps monthly updates about my progress. And hey, if anyone wants to join my mission, it would thrill me to no end. Read more for four!



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4 responses to “Read More for Four

  1. Mom

    I will join you Courtney. I think I generally do this anyway in a four month span but I’ll keep track just for you my little ocd one! Mom

  2. LJS

    Your book posts are my favorite- I can’t wait!!

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