Birthday Memories

One of my number one complaints about adulthood is having to make my own birthday plans. Remember the days when your mom would take you to the party store to pick out plates and balloons? Or maybe she would rent a hotel room so that you could have a pool party with your friends. Now I’m left to my own devices, and that makes a girl nostalgic.

My birthday is this week, and it got me thinking about how I’ve spent birthdays past. Here are some of my favorite memories!

At my first birthday, sandwiched between two grandpas

At some point during elementary school, my mom let me have a piñata at my birthday party. The only problem was that we didn’t have anywhere to hang it. My friends were gathered in our unfurnished basement, ready to take a crack at that paper-mache horse. For lack of a better option, my mom stood on a chair and held the piñata aloft while we swung at it. Now that’s love.

In fifth grade I had my party at a hotel pool. My aunt and uncle gave me Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. For some reason, even though I had just started reading the series, this gift took me completely by surprise. I actually screamed with excitement. There’s a photograph of me (which unfortunately doesn’t exist in digital form), mouth open and hands flapping in utter joy.

My nineteenth birthday came when I was almost done with my first term at Carleton. My friends Jenny and Miki made me a chocolate cake. It was supposed to be a two-layer cake, but something went wrong with one of the layers. Instead I got a very thin little cake. I was happy just to have new friends who liked me enough to bake me a cake and take me to Hogan Brothers.

What will be this year’s memorable moment? We shall see!



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2 responses to “Birthday Memories

  1. Mom

    Of course what I remember about that photo was Uncle Tom saying “Pair of grandpas, we need a pair of grandpas” or something like that. I had forgotten about holding the pinata until you mentioned it! Yes , it was love. And still is. Happy early Birthday Courtney. Love, Mom

  2. her friend Jenny

    That was seriously the saddest cake I’ve ever made. The burnt eggless layer. And then the frosting that wouldn’t spread, so Miki and I patted it out to frost the cake…. Gosh. I’d rather forgotten.

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