The Intern Life for Me

Last week I finished an internship with Coffee House Press. One of my goals this year was to intern with a local literary press, and it was very satisfying to meet that goal. Of course, it meant that the last three months were extremely busy. I was an intern during the week and a bookseller on the weekends.

Spring 2013 006

Although the internship was unpaid, the local presses usually pay their interns in books. It was fun to pick out books to take home, and as my pile grew taller, I felt like this couldn’t possibly be allowed. I doubled and tripled up on a few titles that I thought might make good gifts. Despite that, I needed to create a Coffee House section on one of my shelves. It will be a long time before I can say that I have nothing to read.

I truly have no complaints about my internship experience. I was a web marketing intern, but after helping with a website transition, I was able to try editorial work as well. One of my favorite duties was working on the Coffee House blog. The highlight was interviewing Eowyn Ivey, the author of The Snow Child, via email. You may remember her from my best books of 2012. How often do you get to ask a new favorite author about her reading and writing habits? In my world, never! If you’re interested, here’s a link to the interview.

Spring 2013 008

I was sad to see my internship end. I hope to have much more involvement with the local literary scene in the future, but for now I’m planning to enjoy a much-needed break. That should mean more time for reading and getting creative. Until next time, Gentle Readers!



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2 responses to “The Intern Life for Me

  1. Mom

    I loved the interview with Eowyn Ivey. Good questions and thoughtful answers! Hope your day off goes well. Love, Mom

  2. Carol Seim

    Good work, Courtney! Please continue to recommend books to me-I loved The Fault in Our Stars 🙂 Love your blogs, too. Seim

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