Reading Roundup: Winter 2013

After reading many new books in the last four months of 2012, I began the new year with a desire to reread. The first on my list was The Fault in Our Stars. I read it back in February of 2012 and spent the rest of the year recommending it to friends and customers. It seemed like a good time to refresh my memory. During my second reading, I laughed out loud, cried more than once, and appreciated a new favorite book all the more.

I enjoy the comfort of rereading, and I didn’t want to stop with The Fault in Our Stars. My last book of 2012 was Flame of Sevenwaters, the latest installment of the Sevenwaters series. (It could be described as a pair of trilogies or just a series of six books.) As with any good addition to a series, it made me want to revisit the earlier books. After realizing how scarce they are through Hennepin County Libraries, I finally added Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows to my personal collection. What better way to escape dreary winter than a thick fantasy novel?

Night Circus

In my “By the Book” self-interview, I mentioned the books waiting on my dresser. I eventually read both The Dinner and The Night Circus. A lot of booksellers are comparing The Dinner by Herman Koch to Gone Girl, and I can see the connection between these psychological thrillers. The Dinner may be somewhat more “literary,” but I found Gone Girl far more engaging in terms of both character and plot. In a completely different vein, The Night Circus was a satisfying historical romp about dueling magicians.

In March my reading had an unintentional theme. I found myself reading multiple works about the Soviet Union during World War II. The first was a manuscript that I was lucky enough to be assigned at my internship. Not all manuscripts given to interns are promising, but I finished this one with pleasure. The second was City of Thieves by Daniel Benioff, a book recommended by my friend Hillary. We had dinner in February, and I (nicely) demanded book recommendations. It’s a quick and memorable read. I feel that I’ve read a lot about World War II, but these books made it clear that there’s more to learn.

City of Thieves

There are many exciting books coming out this spring and summer, including new novels from Khaled Hosseini and Sarah Dessen. I can’t wait for sunny afternoons reading in my backyard!


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    Ugh I feel so out of the loop- looks like I missed a bunch of your posts on here recently. I had no idea there were more Sevenwaters books. I got through #4 when I re-read them two summers ago. I’m looking forward to more of your posts! Looks like your internship and Tegan and Sara were both great experiences. Take care!

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