A Beautiful Mess Photo Challenge: Take Photos of Your Home

Here’s another series of photos inspired by A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. The ladies at A Beautiful Mess blog are way into home decor, so they often share photos of their homes and others. I live in a duplex with two other twentysomethings, so I wouldn’t exactly call our house “photo shoot ready.” But I love it all the same. For this challenge I decided to take photos of my two favorite places at home.

The first is our backyard. My old apartment had basically no usable yard, so I was excited to take advantage of the outdoor space. This spring my roommate Katie and I bought these lawn chairs at Target. It was quite an ordeal getting them in and out of my car, but I’m so glad we made the purchase. Sitting outside with a book is one of my favorite activities. Our backyard also gets a lot of shade, which is perfect for me.

Summer 2013 013Summer 2013 014

The second is my desk. It belonged to my grandpa who passed away in 2009. I love this little corner of my bedroom next to the window, especially since I hung photos (with the help of another Target purchase). I plan to always keep this desk, even if I don’t always use it as my primary work space. Right now it’s where most of my writing happens, blog posts and otherwise.

Summer 2013 017Summer 2013 015Summer 2013 019


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  1. Mom

    You just made Grandpa Maurie smile! I just remember how determined he was that important people should have a little something special. Then he was so happy to come up with the desk idea for you. See you soon. Love, Mom

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