Say Hello to Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix has taken over my apartment. It started with one roommate, but soon we all wanted to try. For the uninitiated, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you five clothing items or accessories, which you can then choose to either purchase or return. The items are selected based on a style profile that you fill out on their website. I don’t usually post about fashion, but blogging seems to be a tradition in the Stitch Fix world. If this doesn’t interest you, no worries. I’ll be back soon with my usual subject matter.

Don’t make fun of me for wearing sunglasses in many of the pictures. A fashion blogger I am not, and the glasses made me feel less self-conscious. A special thanks to Katie for being my photographer!

1. Under Skies Shawn Box Pleat Detail Blouse

Spring 2014 041

According to the Stitch Fix website, they focus on sending quality pieces, not complete outfits. However, my stylist sent a top that could potentially be paired with each bottom, and I enjoyed that a lot. I considered buying this blouse just because it looked so cute with the skirt they sent, which you will see below. If the blouse had been a brighter color or had more detail, I probably would have. As is, it didn’t seem special enough to warrant the expense.

2. Pink Martini Halia Striped Pleated Skirt

Spring 2014 051

When my Fix arrived, I tried on everything for my roommates, and this skirt got the biggest reaction. The photo doesn’t do justice to the stripes, which are white, light blue, and dark blue—so cute! I love how the skirt accentuates my waist, and the pockets are an added bonus. Keeping this item was the easiest of the decisions.

3. Pomelo Striped Heathered Dolman Top

Spring 2014 028

Being the nerd that I am, I read many Stitch Fix reviews while waiting for my own box to arrive. Dolman tops seem to be a popular piece for them to send anyone wanting casual wear. Unfortunately, this was the one item where I felt the sizing was off. My roommates assured me that the loose fit was correct, but I still wonder if a smaller size would have been more flattering. I’m also just accustomed to wearing fitted clothing. Petite girl problems!

4. Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean

Spring 2014 059

I wasn’t surprised to get skinny jeans in my Fix, but I didn’t expect them to be red! They are also ankle-length, which gives me happy thoughts of Audrey Hepburn. I just bought my first pair of Gap jeans and considered it a big investment, so I didn’t expect to buy jeans at Stitch Fix prices. But these are my favorite color and they fit perfectly! When I knew the tops didn’t work, I decided to splurge a little.

5. 41Hawthorne Grace Lightweight Flecked Dot Scarf

Spring 2014 076

I don’t wear scarves as accessories, even though I think they look good on other people. (Truth be told, I don’t wear accessories in general.) I liked this scarf in theory, and it actually photographed very nicely. However, it brought up another petite girl problem. I find that too much fabric on top looks overwhelming on my frame. So after being pleasantly surprised by the photos, the scarf was still sent back.

I didn’t expect to keep both bottoms and no tops from my Fix, but the surprise is part of the fun. I’m working two jobs currently, and I wanted to do this as a treat for myself. Mission accomplished!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, here’s my referral link!




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4 responses to “Say Hello to Stitch Fix

  1. Grandpa K.

    Great choices, Courtney — loved the skirt. Hope to see you soon. Love Grandma

  2. Kelly

    The red jeans are great! And I think you were right to return the dolman too, got to go with your own gut sometimes! I have the same problem with scarves, nice to hear someone else say it.

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