Stitch Fix Strikes Back

Stitch Fix is wickedly addictive. If you get one Fix, then you wonder if the next will have even better clothes. This online styling service is based on user feedback, so theoretically each Fix should be a little closer to your personal style. Don’t know what on earth I’m talking about? Check out my first Stitch Fix review here, or visit their website.

I bought two out of five items from my first Fix, and I definitely wanted to give it another shot. When I opened my box, I was so excited by the bright colors and patterns. It seemed like they really got the message on my preferences. I was surprised to receive four tops and a dress, but I thought that might be a response to my only buying bottoms from my first Fix. For this Fix I requested fun summer pieces, and the results were unexpected.

Another thanks to Katie for being my photographer and loosening me up with Beyoncé songs!

1. Olive & Oak Tricia Textured Dot Front-Pocket Blouse

Summer 2014 023

Two of the four tops were a light, see-through fabric. Some people might wear them with just a bra underneath, but that’s a little exhibitionist for my taste. And in a hot, humid Minnesota summer, it’s hard to imagine wanting to wear two layers. The cut of this blouse felt boxy, and the fit at the shoulders was awkward. I did love the color though.

2. Fun2Fun Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse

Summer 2014 011

I tried to make this top work because I like the print, and it has the advantage of not requiring an undershirt. The problem is that I wear mostly dark denim, and any outfit combination felt like an overload of navy blue. I also don’t see myself wanting to wear anything longer than a short sleeve for the next few months.

3. Pomelo Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse

Summer 2014 030

This blouse was my favorite color and print combination. For that reason alone, I tried to talk myself into liking the rest of it. Again, it has the disadvantage of longer sleeves and translucent fabric. Overall, I just felt like there was too much material on skin for a summer top. Much to my disappointment, the mint green polka dots went back too.

4. Pomelo Downing Striped Knit Shirt

Summer 2014 044

My stylist suggested that this shirt would go nicely with the red pants from my first Fix. I liked knowing that she looked there for inspiration. Other than being a little uncomfortable in the high neckline, I didn’t have strong feelings about the shirt. I asked myself, if I were at a store, would I think this was worth buying? The answer was no.

5. 41Hawthorn Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress

Summer 2014 060

Now this is more like it! I feel like a broken record on my Stitch Fix feedback, talking about how I like my clothes to be fitted and figure-flattering. The cut of this dress is my absolute favorite style to wear. I was nervous about yellow on pale skin, but Katie and I agreed that it worked. The textured fabric is so soft and gives it a special touch. From Fix Number 2, this was the keeper!

Stitch Fix is based in San Francisco, and I’m guessing there are some regional differences in what’s considered summer wear. These are all nice pieces, and most of them photographed beautifully. They just didn’t fit my needs. That being said, I’m sure I will do Stitch Fix again the future. As my mom pointed out, I would go broke if I always loved everything they sent. Even if you only find one item to purchase, the experience is fun.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, why don’t you use my referral link?


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