East Coast Adventure: Cambridge

Spring 2015 042

The first day of our East Coast trip was a busy one. After a few hours in Boston, we took the train to Cambridge, where we were met by Katie’s sister. I wasn’t going to Cambridge without seeing the Harvard campus, and luckily we had an expert guide. It was a struggle keeping my Good Will Hunting and Gilmore Girls references to a minimum, but I think I succeeded. That being said, here’s a picture of me in front of Matt Damon’s freshman dorm!

Matt Damon's freshman dorm Annenberg Hall, Harvard

Harvard feels unified with almost all its buildings in red brick. Above is Annenberg Hall, a dining hall with stained glass windows that looks more like an ornate church. I didn’t want to embarrass our tour guide with my enthusiasm, but apparently it’s normal to walk around Harvard taking pictures. She even offered to take this one of me on the steps of one of the many libraries on campus. (I remember Rory Gilmore being very excited about the number of libraries…)

Spring 2015 044 Spring 2015 045

When a place is as famous and revered as Harvard, it’s refreshing to see that it’s just a place. An impressive place, certainly, but not another world. A place where young people have many of the same college experiences that I did (and probably some that I’m thankful not to have had). And as it happens, not the last Ivy League campus on my trip.

Tomorrow we travel to Providence!


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