East Coast Adventure: Providence

Downtown ProvidenceSpring 2015 051Spring 2015 052

I loved Providence. In my limited experience with East Coast travel, it’s definitely my favorite place. The tour starts with Brown University, which is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen. (Sorry, Harvard, but it’s got you beat.) I spent some time wandering around campus while Amy tended to grad school business, and she gave me a tour later on. As she pointed out, Brown bleeds into the surrounding neighborhood very nicely. One unique and lovely feature on campus is this sculpture by Tom Friedman.

Prospect Park, Providence First Unitarian Church of Providence

After walking around campus, Amy and another grad student toured me around the neighborhood. Prospect Park boasted the best view of Providence, and one of the most beautiful structures was the Unitarian church pictured above. My absolute favorite place was the Providence Athenaeum, an historic library that Amy very astutely predicted I would enjoy. Those photos will probably get their own post. Besides being absurdly cute, Providence is known for its restaurants. We always ate well for brunch and dinner.

Patio at Olga's Spring 2015 086

This trip made me feel like I was back in college, except with all the fun and none of the work. There was even a spring formal for the grad students while we were there. As the whole world knows, I love Minneapolis, but it’s not old enough to be this quaint. I’m grateful to Amy for hosting us and to her friends for welcoming us into their world.

Tomorrow we travel to Newport!



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2 responses to “East Coast Adventure: Providence

  1. Mom

    That sculpture is very neat, sure looks like tin foil though! Mom

    • Actually you’re not far off. In the article that I linked to, it says, “Friedman, who is known for creating contemporary sculptures out of everyday materials, crafted the maquette out of aluminum turkey roasting pans. Hints of the original material can be spotted throughout the final version, which is cast in stainless steel.”

      So yeah, aluminum turkey roasting pans!

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