East Coast Adventure: Newport

Spring 2015 069 Spring 2015 072

Amy took us to Newport, Rhode Island, for a New England beach experience. Newport also has a cliff walk where people can see the coast and mansions built by extraordinarily wealthy people of yore. There’s a Vanderbilt house and another that could easily serve as Mr. Rochester’s home in Jane Eyre. The craggy shoreline creates a nice juxtaposition to the opulence. It was obvious why people use the cliff walk for romantic gestures, like the lock pictured below.

Spring 2015 070 Spring 2015 073

Occasionally there were steps going closer to the water, and although it’s not strictly advised, some people venture even farther. Katie was the most daring rock-climber of our trio, but we all climbed down a bit. Rest assured, it was not actually dangerous for an able-bodied person. Just one of those things that you have to do because you might never get the chance again.

Spring 2015 077Spring 2015 075

There was also an abundance of daffodils in Newport. We came across many patches during the cliff walk, but this was definitely the largest. There were many people trying to take pictures with this backdrop, and even a few sitting down in the grass to take selfies. Looking toward the ocean made me feel like I was in Moby Dick, but looking toward the mansions felt like The Great Gatsby.

I’m glad this little jaunt was part of our trip. If traveling is all about new perspectives, this was yet another.


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