Apartment Projects: The Gallery Wall

Summer 2015 009

My greatest wish for my new apartment was to have a gallery wall. I was seeing them all over Pinterest and other blogs, and it seemed like an ideal way to personalize my new home. Plus I had several 5×7 photographs that I had printed and framed but never displayed in my old apartment. A couple of weeks after moving, I felt ready to tackle the gallery wall project.

Summer 2015 002

I created my gallery wall using a method from A Beautiful Mess (found here), which involves making paper cutouts in the shape of all the art pieces. Then you can arrange the cutouts on the wall with tape and find the best configuration before making any holes. This method was a lifesaver because I ended up moving the gallery to a completely different wall. I was planning to hang it above my bed, but the cutouts revealed that my pieces weren’t big enough to properly fill that space. Instead I tried out the wall above my kitchen table, and it worked wonderfully! Once you have the final arrangement, you can mark on the cutouts where to position the nails. The paper rips right off after the nails are in place.

Summer 2015 004

They don’t mention this in the article, but my first step was actually arranging the pieces on the floor. I was inspired by another post on A Beautiful Mess (found here), which deals with a gallery wall that’s closer to the size of mine. I liked how Emma used one piece as an axis with the others lined up along its edges. You could also think of it as a spiral. This seemed like the best way to be artfully asymmetrical, and I’m very satisfied with the results!

Please excuse the messy table.

Please excuse the messy table.

The largest print is by Simini Blocker, whose Rainbow Rowell fan art is very popular on Tumblr. You may recognize the 5×7 photos from when I first moved into uptown (seen here and here). I have five of them in frames, but four was a better number for this arrangement. The square print is by my friend Jenny, and I also included a 4×6 photo with my college roommates. I love that the gallery has different shapes and textures but still feels cohesive. Thanks, black frames!

Simple touches like this go a long way toward making a rental feel like home.



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2 responses to “Apartment Projects: The Gallery Wall

  1. Ken Carpenter

    Very cool, Courtney. Good planning to eliminate all the mistake nail holes. See you next weekend. Love Grandma

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Mom

    I love the finished product! Those little things really do make a big difference.

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