Blue & Burgundy Clothing Haul

Summer 2015 011 (2)Summer 2015 008Summer 2015 005Summer 2015 068Summer 2015 069

When I found myself wanting to spruce up my wardrobe, I was tempted to give Stitch Fix another chance. But first I decided to try finding clothes the old-fashioned way. That is, going to an actual store. My friend Jenny took me to an outlet mall, and we went a little crazy at Ann Taylor Loft. I went home with five new clothing items that I love (a better success rate than any Stitch Fix of mine), which seemed worthy of sharing. The new items are: the polka dot top, burgundy skinny jeans (!), burgundy lace tank top, leafy-printed sweater, and floral pencil skirt. The Loft was into this blue and burgundy color palette, and so was I.

Summer 2015 022Summer 2015 025Summer 2015 058Summer 2015 054Summer 2015 062 (2)

As always, Katie was my intrepid fashion photographer. Since we no longer live together in a house with a backyard, we had to venture out into the world. I did location scouting and everything! Shortly before sunset around Lake of the Isles turned out to be a great backdrop, even though I felt a little silly at times.



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3 responses to “Blue & Burgundy Clothing Haul

  1. Ken Carpenter

    Very, very cute stuff!! Hope to see you soon.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Your friend Jenny

    Have I mentioned how great those burgundy skinnies look? Like for reals great. Also everything else. If I do say so myself 😉

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