NerdCon: Stories, Day One

Bright and early on Friday morning, my fellow nerds and I flocked to the Minneapolis Convention Center to hear from some of our favorite storytellers. Although the crowd skewed toward teens and young adults, there were people of all ages in attendance. I saw more cat eye glasses and brightly dyed hair than you would find in a random sampling, as well as an abundance of nerdy T-shirts.

Fall 2015 034Fall 2015 003

Each day opened with a mainstage show, followed by several time slots for discussion panels and book signings, then another mainstage show in the afternoon. Hank Green kicked off the Friday morning mainstage by explaining why he organized the convention and why he thinks stories matter. There were separate (but hilarious) history lessons from the musical comedy duo Paul & Storm and games played with some of the guests. Book people are generally a decent sort, but it was nice to start off on a positive note with the whole group.

Next on my agenda was the Stephanie Perkins signing. Remember how I love her? For signings they set up a room with four sections of chairs. In theory, after a guest’s section was full, the signing was closed. This was my first exposure to the popularity of fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss. He was signing at the same time as Stephanie, and there were a bunch of people who couldn’t even get in. We were a more subdued group on the Stephanie Perkins side of the aisle. That made it possible for her to take photos and chat a bit with each person.

Fall 2015 009Fall 2015 049

My biggest mistake was probably not caffeinating beforehand. I found myself a little surprised and awkward when I actually met her. Thankfully I had written a card to give her so that I wouldn’t feel pressured to be brilliant on the spot. She’s a very sweet person, not to mention adorable. I had her sign my copy of Isla and the Happily Ever After because it’s the only one that I have in hardcover. Her inscription is a reference from the book. I was a little frustrated with the dim lighting in the signing room, but they rectified the situation the next day.

In the afternoon I went to two panels. The first was the Nerdfighter Q&A with Hank and John Green, which was mostly silly but also touching at times. Maureen Johnson moderated with her dry sense of humor, pretending to get angry if the men would go off on tangents. There were running jokes about An American Tail and the fact that John owed Maureen a dollar. In one of the serious moments, John got choked up talking about how much he appreciates the support from the community that’s built up around the Vlogbrothers videos.

Fall 2015 014

My second panel was the “So How Do You Make Your Money?” panel. This topic may have been a little broad for a one-hour discussion, or else it just wasn’t what I was expecting. At least I got to see Hank Green and Stephanie Perkins at close range. Stephanie talked about how she felt pressured to write serious fiction when she was studying creative writing in college, even though her true passion was for children’s literature. I definitely felt that pressure as well, although a lot of it was self-inflicted, so I was hardcore relating to her story.

When I was planning my NerdCon adventure, I intended to go to an event during every time slot and probably stay for the evening performances. The problem with this plan is that it ignores basic needs like eating and rest. Being an introvert, I get exhausted by crowds after an extended period of time. After the afternoon mainstage show, I decided to head home. I went to everything that really mattered to me, and I needed to rest up for the bananas day that was Saturday.


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