NerdCon: Stories, Day Two

When I got to the convention center on Saturday, Friday felt like it had been a practice round. Now I knew where the bus stops were and the layout of the venue. I knew that a water bottle was unnecessary and to sit near the aisle unless you enjoy feeling trapped. I also brought a better tote bag. (Well, my free NerdCon tote broke while I was waiting for the bus on Friday, but I probably would have brought a different one anyway.) And perhaps most importantly, I caffeinated early.

Fall 2015 030

The mainstage shows on Saturday were on point. John Green opened the morning show with his own explanation for why stories matter, and it was probably my favorite talk of the entire event. He spoke about stories as the only way to be someone other than ourselves and how escapism can be valuable. I’ve actually given some thought to why I think reading is important, and my answer is that it teaches empathy. Apparently John Green and I are on the same page, which pleases me to no end. There was also a rapid-fire Q&A with some of the guests and a poetry reading. How many events are there where a poetry reading gets massive crowd support? And hello, Dessa Darling was one of the performers. (Dessa is a member of Doomtree, a popular Minneapolis hip hop group, and a solo artist. She’s rad.)

My first panel of the day was No Pressure: How to Keep Creating Once You’ve Technically Succeeded. Not a problem for me currently, but an interesting topic featuring some of the most interesting guests at the convention. We’re talking Rainbow Rowell, John Green, Dessa, and moderator Patrick Rothfuss. Hearing about creative struggles and insecurities feels more personal than most topics discussed in a convention setting. It didn’t hurt that every member of the panel has an excellent sense of humor. Seems odd to say that the panel least applicable to me was also the best, but that’s what I’m sayin’!

Fall 2015 037

My next panel was going to be Is This A Kissing Book?: Writing Sex, but instead I felt the might of the Patrick Rothfuss fandom. When I left the main auditorium, there was already a loooooong line outside the smaller auditorium where the aforementioned panel was taking place. Were many of them waiting to see their bearded overlord and not interested in kissing at all? It seems probable. After a few hopeless minutes in line, I decided to scrap it and take the hour to eat lunch and head to the Rainbow Rowell signing. And oh my goodness, am I lucky that I got there early.

Hank Green and Rainbow Rowell had the same consecutive time slots for signings. The first session was full long before I got there, and despite the fact that we weren’t supposed to line up until one hour beforehand, people were already loitering for the next session. It was definitely the most “yuck, there are people everywhere” moment of the convention for me. I was getting anxious on behalf of the volunteers being stared down by a crowd of impatient fans. However, I met some nice female comrades while waiting in line, plus running into a former coworker from the bookseller days.

Fall 2015 040Fall 2015 050

This signing needed to move along faster than the one I attended two years ago. We were near the end of the line, and it was almost time for the afternoon mainstage show. Once again I was thankful for my pre-written note to give her. We did still manage to have a brief but ridiculous exchange. When I approached the table, she said, “Are you Courtney?” My expression was utterly shocked because I was thinking, There’s no way she remembers me from two years ago, right? This woman meets thousands of fans, after all. Then I remembered that I was wearing a nametag. Well, we had a nice chuckle about that, and I scored some awesome Simon Snow pins.

I was originally planning to hit up one more book signing—Maureen Johnson, after the mainstage show—but after the battle to get to Rainbow, I was rather wiped out. I decided to just enjoy the show, and if there was room at the Maureen signing afterwards, so be it. (There wasn’t.) The highlight for me was a mock debate between two teams of guests on such vital topics as: would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Few things are more entertaining than watching people get worked up over ridiculous arguments. The afternoon ended with a couple thousand people singing along to a Paul & Storm song about Game of Thrones.

Fall 2015 044

I left the convention feeling inspired about my own creative work and grateful that so many other people appreciate good stories and storytellers.


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  1. Mom

    I love your photo with Rainbow, Courtney. I also love that you were inspired by some of your favorite authors. Wonderful, nerdy days for you!!

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