Best of 2015: Music Edition, Part 2

There’s something very personal about sharing the songs that I loved most in a given year. All psychoanalyzing aside, these five songs give a good snapshot of what’s been exciting me musically. Maybe some of them will resonate with you as well. Here are my top 5 songs of 2015!

5. Troye Sivan, “FOOLS”

I knew Troye Sivan as an adorable Australian YouTuber, but in the past two years he’s revealed himself to be a crazy-talented electropop musician. Two songs in my top 5 is unprecedented, but I listened to these songs a lot this year. “FOOLS” is an emotionally raw track about holding on when you shouldn’t be in love with someone. I love the stubborn attitude of the lyrics and the background chorus of people yelling “Only fools!” in the final minute.

4. Bastille, “Bad Blood”

I love you, Taylor Swift, but Bastille has a superior “Bad Blood.” Although this song is a couple of years old, I first heard it on ALT 93 in 2015. The song demands your attention from the opening seconds. The vocals are deep and relentless, particularly in the chorus, giving the impression of rock-and-roll sermon. And if we’re sermonizing, letting go of bad blood is probably the preferable message.

3. Tove Lo, “Talking Body”

In the workout song category, “Talking Body” comes out on top. Its play count on my iTunes will not allow me to ignore it. The vibe is positive and a little bit naughty, which seems to be my ideal formula for workout music. Plus this song talks about bodies, so y’know, it feels appropriate. I’ve attached the clean version to this post, but I’ll be honest, that’s not the version in my music library.

2. Adele, “Water Under The Bridge”

Picking an Adele song was a struggle, in part because I love many songs on her new album, but also because she’s not allowing her music to be streamed online. Luckily, “Water Under The Bridge” is an absolute favorite, and there’s a legit video of her performing it on The Tonight Show. This performance doesn’t quite capture the epic choruses that I love on the album. Still, the song possesses the strength and vulnerability that make me love Adele oh-so-much.

1. Troye Sivan, “WILD”

When I first heard “WILD,” I wasn’t sure whether I found the children’s voices cool or annoying. Clearly I landed on cool because it was my jam this fall. You won’t often hear me talk about production, but Troye Sivan’s music has so many unique components. I find myself singing “Leave this blue neighborhood / Never knew loving could hurt this good” around the apartment without realizing it. It’s an ecstatic, delirious love song—three-and-a-half minutes of pure joy.

Tomorrow we move on to the movies!


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