Best of 2015: Movie Edition, Part 2

Remember what I said about animation and Hitchcock? Here they are again, this time with some historical dramas in the mix. Here are my top 5 movies of 2015!

5. Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

I saw this movie with my mom, and she will dispute its placement ahead of Mockingjay. However, in my opinion, Bridge of Spies is a little higher quality. I’m obsessed with the cinematography. Spielberg shot the film in moody grays and blues, and the Berlin sequences have palpable tension. My favorite scenes were between Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance, as lawyer and Soviet spy. My only complaint is the fabulous Amy Ryan relegated to the role of concerned wife.

4. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

If I had children, I would want them to watch movies like this: imaginative and diverse with complex emotional moments. Hiro is a rebellious teen with a talent for robotics. The film follows his adventures with Baymax, the healthcare robot created by his older brother, and a motley crew of young scientists. If you don’t love this puffy marshmallow robot, you probably have no heart. I also love the setting of San Fransokyo, a futuristic mashup of San Francisco and Tokyo.

3. Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is the most adorable thing ever. The flat animation style and simple character designs are 100% my aesthetic, and every frame could be a page in a beautiful picture book. The film centers on Ben and his younger sister Saoirse, who discovers that she’s a selkie. Saoirse transforming into a seal for the first time is over-the-top gorgeous. There are many wonderful sibling moments, such as Ben attaching Saoirse to himself with a leash, ostensibly to be mean but also to keep her safe in a strange city. Bonus: everyone has a cute Irish accent.

2. Psycho

Psycho Poster

I didn’t think it was possible to surpass Vertigo as my favorite Hitchcock film, but damn if Psycho doesn’t make it a close race. I already talked about it quite extensively in this post. Anthony Perkins is incredible as Norman Bates, and every scene between him and Janet Leigh teeters on the edge of polite creepiness. If you want proof that Anthony Perkins is a legend, just check out his slow smile directly to camera in the final scene. He’s both scary and pitiable in a role that could have easily turned to caricature. I can’t gush about Psycho enough.

1. The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game has two elements that make me immediately biased in its favor: World War II and Benedict Cumberbatch. The film follows Alan Turing as he works to create a machine that can break the German’s Enigma Code. Although Cumberbatch plays another genius on Sherlock, he takes on completely different mannerisms and speech patterns for Turing. He and Keira Knightley have an excellent rapport, and the superb supporting cast creates a rich world around them. Every detail is lovely, down to the machine itself.

Tomorrow we venture into the stacks for my favorite books of the year!


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