Reading Roundup 2015

Winter 2016 001

After two years of reading 24 books, I tried something different in 2015. My goal was to read 20 new books and reread some recent favorites. And yes, I read 20 books! I also reread Sharp Objects, Attachments, Fangirl, Anna and the French Kiss, and Isla and the Happily Ever After. (There may have been others, but I think that’s the roster.)

As always, I use Good Reads to keep track of my reading. It tells me both the books and number of pages read per year. Even though pages aren’t a uniform unit of measurement, it provides an interesting estimate. Although I read four fewer books than last year, I somehow managed to read approximately 600 more pages. My best explanation is that I read a lot of YA and a couple of children’s books in 2014, whereas this year I skewed more toward YA and adult. And I can’t forget the 1,000 pages of A Clash of Kings. I took two breaks from that book to read other things because it was taking me so long!

I’ve decided to keep the same goal for 2016. I will read 20 new books and reread a few favorites. That pace seems to work well with my lifestyle at the moment, and I also want ample time to focus on writing this year. Thanks for joining me on another year of reading adventures and over-documentation.



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  1. Mom

    I got a laugh out of “over-documentation”. Maybe some day I will check out Good Reads to keep track of my own reading habits. I would be curious…

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