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3 Years of Courtney Coherent

Today marks the three-year anniversary of my first blog post on Courtney Coherent. (My blog-o-versary, you might say.) If you had told me then that my blog would still be active three years later, I may have been surprised. Sure, I had grand ideas for what I wanted the blog to be, but a lot can happen in three years. And though it continues to be a humble effort, I’m proud of my little corner of the internet.

Summer 2013 017

I haven’t done any sort of retrospective since my 100th post, and now seems like the perfect time. Here are some of my favorite posts from the last two years.

My post about meeting a Project Runway contestant still holds the record for most views in a day, but my Stitch Fix review has surpassed it in total views. Do you like my modeling that much? In any case, there may be another in the near future. Until then: Say Hello to Stitch Fix.

I’m so glad that book reviews have become a significant part of my blog in the past two years. In fact, there are so many that I can’t pick just one favorite. Here are two posts about literary themes and unreliable narrators: Satisfying My Sweet Tooth and Gone Girl, Revisited.

As I took a foray into Classic Hollywood this winter, I got back in the swing of writing movie reviews. All the Craving Classic Hollywood posts have a special place in my heart, but the first is still my favorite: Craving Classic Hollywood: Double Indemnity.

Music reviews are my least common blog item, probably because I feel the least confident in writing them. Still, there are times when I’m pleased with how I capture my thoughts about a particular artist or album. Here’s one of them: Patty Griffin, Queen of Americana.

I don’t share a lot about my personal life because, you know, the internet is public. But meeting YA author Rainbow Rowell (and the photographic evidence thereof) was one event that could not be ignored. Relive it here: An Evening with Rainbow Rowell.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, even sporadically. You’ve helped make Courtney Coherent a fun, challenging, and gratifying part of my life. Should we go for three more?


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100 Posts and Counting

I can hardly believe it myself, but this is my 100th post on Courtney Coherent!

I started the blog two days after my college graduation. Last month marked the one-year anniversary, which I let pass without comment. I think the two milestones are best discussed together. (Also I forgot about the anniversary, but that’s neither here nor there.) When you do something for over a year, a hundred times, it has officially become a part of your life. I’m so grateful that this blog has become a part of mine.

To celebrate hitting double digits, I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from the past thirteen months.

There’s nothing I love more than pop culture nostalgia. In this case, boy band nostalgia:  It’s Gonna Be Me, Revisited.

Another favorite topic is young adult novels. Especially ones that let me get all English-nerdy on you:  No Fault in These Stars.

I have written many movie reviews, but I’m particularly proud of this one:  They Told Me You Had Grit.

Due to a link on Mondo’s Facebook fan page, this post has by far the most views: The Best Time I Met A Reality Show Contestant.

And here’s where it all began:  Hello World, Indeed.


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End of the Year Extravaganza

Where have I been????

Well, for the last three days I’ve been sick with strep throat. Before that I was merely wrapped up in the usual holiday madness. But now I am back because the end of the year means something very special here at Courtney Coherent:  Best of 2011 Lists!

The lists will be presented over the last two weeks of the year. Right now I can promise a Top 10 for movies and music and a Top 5 for books. Other ideas might pop up as I continue working on them. An important detail to note is that these lists will not be excluded to movies, music, and books that were released in 2011. Let’s face it — I don’t have the cash to consume that much brand-spanking-new media. Rather, any item that I encountered for the first time in 2011 is eligible to be on a list.

I’m certainly having fun writing the lists, and I hope that you will have fun reading them.

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50 Posts and Just Getting Started

It’s another milestone here at Courtney Coherent. Today marks my fiftieth blog post!

Obviously the pace of the blog has changed as I adjust to working full-time and even (gasp!) having a social life. Nevertheless, there are always new books and movies and cute little kids to talk about. I have several posts in progress, including the first of three promised book reviews.

Thanks for continuing to read and comment. I love sharing my thoughts with you! So have a virtual cupcake, on me.


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One Month Already?

I posted my first blog entry on June 13. That makes today the one month anniversary of Courtney Coherent!

So far it’s been a blast. I want to thank everyone for reading. Your comments and positive feedback make me inordinately happy. So does seeing my little view count total go up. Yes, you non-commenters, I appreciate you too!

One mouth down and I still have plenty to say. The next few weeks should provide lots of real life fodder with apartment hunting and subsequent moving in adventures. So keep checking back, and I’ll be here to entertain.


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Hello World, Indeed

Two days ago I graduated from Carleton College.

The last four years have included the best and worst times of my life, so obviously I approached graduation with mixed emotions. When I thought about life after Carleton, it was usually focused on a yearning for free time. Imagine all the books I could read and projects I could do if I wasn’t always doing work. What I didn’t think was about saying goodbye to many wonderful people or leaving behind the predictability of ten week terms.

So, as I have done for much of my life, I’m finding comfort in a project. A blog is not the most groundbreaking idea, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try. The decision to start a blog came after watching Julie & Julia on Netflix. (I realize that most people leave that movie wanting to cook, but I much prefer the computer over the kitchen.) Much to the disappointment of Julia Child, blogging was added to the post-graduation to-do list, not mastering the art of French cooking.

My intention for this blog is a mixture of pop culture and personal anecdotes. I realize that the pop culture side won’t appeal to certain potential readers (hi, Grandma!), but there are few things I like more than waxing nostalgic about American Girl books or dissecting the new Jennifer Lopez video. I’m sure that the direction of the blog will change over time, but these dual purposes are my starting point.

Much to my relief, the future promises some anecdote-worthy material. I’m thrilled to announce that today I was offered a job by the Minnesota Reading Corps. I will be working as a literacy tutor at an elementary school in south Minneapolis. So stay tuned for cute kid stories, pop culture commentary, and more!


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