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Photo Friday: Moving Up, Moving Out

This week I moved to a new apartment. It’s definitely a step-up in the housing world, but I will miss my neighborhood of the past year. During my last week in Kingfield, I took a farewell walk to Lake Harriet. With my camera, of course.


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Photo Friday: South Minneapolis Love

Intriguing storefronts.

Endless walking paths.

Boats on the water.

Tulips by the lake.

Tasty breakfast destinations.


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Return of the Camera Walk

Fall is my favorite season, and this week I had an opportunity to revive one of my favorite college activities: the camera walk. That is, quite simply, going for a walk with my camera and taking pictures of whatever strikes my fancy. These particular photos were taken near the Lake Harriet Rose Garden. It was about an hour before sunset, and I was digging on the golden light and fallen leaves.

You have to admit, this is one beautiful city.


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